The Saint Seiya Drinking Game
(Guaranteed to get you drunk in 3 episodes or less)
Take a drink when....
1. A main character says something about friendship in the middle of battle. (Take another drink if the others do also.)
2. A main character cries. (Take another drink if all 5 main characters begin to cry in the same scene.)
3. A main character “dies.” (Take another drink if he comes back to life in the same episode.)
4. Shiryu loses his eyesight.
5. Shiryu strips off armor in the middle of battle.
6. Shun strips off armor in the middle of battle.
7. Shun says he doesn't want to fight and tries to reason with his opponent.
8. Shun says “nii-san.”
9. Ikki saves Shun.
10. Ikki uses Genma Ken. (Take another drink if it doesn't work.)
11. Shun fights a musical Saint.
12. Somebody explains Shun's sacrificial role as Andromeda.
13. Hyoga uses Diamond Dust... and nothing happens.
14. Hyoga thinks about his mother.
15. Seiya uses Ryuseiken.
16. Seiya's arrow misses Poseidon.
17. A girl shows interest in Seiya. Seiya is oblivious (by virtue of his own personality, or being unconscious, etc.)
18. Somebody gets their 5 senses removed.
19. One of the main characters is wrapped/strangled in something tentacle-like.
20. The current bad guy says, "You're just Bronze Saints! You'll never defeat me!" (Take another drink if the bad guy is beaten up by the Bronze Saints.)
21. Somebody says “that attack will never work against me.”
22. Somebody says “the same technique doesn’t work twice on a Saint.” (Take another drink if the other person does it anyway, and another drink if it works.)
23. Somebody is declared the strongest among their peers, and then somebody else is, and then somebody else is, etc.
24. Saori is slowly dying somewhere and needs rescuing.
25. Seiya has fallen and can't get up (and needs somebody to either morally or physically help him).
26. Somebody takes a hit for Seiya.

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