Watch For: flowers, roses, mysterious hands, ribbons, pearls, chains, cages, feathers, wings, butterflies, skulls, crowns, crosses, chessboards, curtains, stars, rabbits, mirrors, earrings, colors.

The color insert of bandaged-eye Break sitting atop a mountain of skulls appeared in the Cheshire arc even though we didn't know about his past as an illegal contractor until much later.

Break is most often associated with lavender roses, and you can see some here in his hat. Also notice the black feathers in his cape. More about roses and feathers later.
Break with Skulls
Gil with Master's Skull

We've also seen this picture of Gilbert long ago.

There appear to be bell flowers behind him. These mean "gratitude," and might be a sign of how very Very VERY grateful he is to have been taken in by a Master. In the background ruins are a sword-wielding angel and Lacie's cross from 100 years ago. Gil himself is also wearing a cross.

He appears dressed in funeral clothing and sadly cradling a skull, probably showing the guilt and pain he feels over not being able to protect his Master 100 years ago. Yet surely this skull is not Jack's. It is wearing a crown, symbolic of immortality, righteousness, victory, triumph, resurrection, and honor, as well as glory of life after death.

That crown is fit for a King, and Glen is King of the Baskervilles. Sure enough, in the 2012 calendar, March is graced with Leo - Glen's reincarnation - wearing a nearly identical crown. The flowers around Leo look like marigolds, representing grief, despair, and sorrow, which is certainly fitting for Leo. They are also a flower of the Leo zodiac sign! Leo's crown has a cross and a purple or black rose:
  Crowned Leo with Marigolds
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