This is Acleito, Chief Commander of the Nastran Army of the West Forest of Caldora. What do you mean you don't know what that means? o.o

'His sheltered life has prompted him to surround himself with exotic things to appease his adventurous spirit. The twin faery metal scimitars he carried were imbued with enchantments: one with faery sight to see through illusion, the other with elven sight to see in dark. His magical plate mail, forged to be light as chain, glistened under the hot sun but did not burn him, for it stayed a comfortable temperature in both cold and heat. His shield accelerated the healing of its wielder, his gauntlets gave him superior aim, and his boots endowed him with extraordinary speed. About the only thing Acleito did not have was a helmet since it messed up his hair.

Drawn in marker and pencil.


Copyright 2003 by Yumeni All rights reserved.
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