This is the first (and only?) trully 'symbolic' picture I have... I'm usually rather straightforward. It represents our true self and how it could be distorted by our more destructive qualities.

Starting from the bottom right corner: the black silhouette sitting alone with a tear falling down is 'loneliness'; the petrified purple/blue thing above it represents our 'insecurities' and the fear of showing our real self to the world; the black goblin thing coming out of it represents 'unfounded fears'.

Starting from the bottom left corner: the green thing angrily pointing its finger is 'jealousy' and wrongfully blaming your problems on others, it has no feet because its accusations cannot support themselves; the woman above it pointing her finger at a blue ball represents 'condescending pride' and superiority complex; the fanged, red-streaked man above her snuffing out our inner light in his hand is the 'inflated ego' and self-centeredness, only caring about oneself; the yellow figure above him balling its fists represents 'hatred' and destructive rage.

Other, undiscovered fears and weaknesses lurk in the darkness, and the background is wrapped in chains, for all these destructive aspects restrain us and keep us from fulfilling our potential. And yet the lock (core problem) that is keeping us bound is guarded by a tiny entity: the key to our freedom is simple and in front of our noses, but is very difficult to spot.

At the center sits the true self, unhidered by the darkness around it, for it has long nurtured the bright lotus (consciousness/realization) blooming at its heart, and is now ready to dispell the darkness that had kept it in deep slumber. It is ready to awaken.

This is also one of my first attempts at watercolor =/


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