Keramis 2

Well I decided I'd draw Keramis again... since the 'Keramis' picture is like 3 years old and I figured he needed an update. Plus this is him in a less anime-ish style. He's my favorite character: he's dexterous, agile, easily underestimated but not someone you'd want to mess with. He's also a double-werewolf (has 2 different wolf forms).

'It was no secret – Keramis liked girls, and girls liked Keramis. It had always been this way. He deemed females the highest form of life known to man and revered each one as a goddess. He lived for the chance to see a bright smile light up a girl’s face. With honeyed tongue and flowery words he could melt the coldest of hearts, and his intoxicating gaze could arouse deep-seated passions. No woman felt neglected in his presence. Keramis possessed the ability to make a girl feel, if only for one night of wild pleasure, like the most important being in the whole world, and make that moment seem to last a blissful eternity.'

Drawn in marker and pencil. One of the reasons I don't draw Kera very often is cause I'm always nervous about drawing his hair. It's so hard to draw - I swear! That's 6, count 'em, 6 different colors in the hair alone! And it's all in marker, too, so one mistake and I'm screwed (damn you computer people who can undo mistakes!! j/k).

Keramis 2

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