Keramis With Daggers
'If at first glance Keramis did not seem intimidating, one look into his flaming eyes when enraged would abruptly overturn that notion'

Okie, so this isn't the nice version of Keramis. But he is a fighter, after all, and can be mean - very mean - when he wants to. Did I mention he has 2 alternate wolf forms? One is a cute, friendly wolf-form given to him by faeries that he uses for tracking, to get to places faster, and for sneaking around the woods. The other is a threatening form of hellhound or demon wolf, given to him by tricksters (evil faeries), in which he grows to nearly twice his normal size. Anyways, that's why his eyes are amber: when he's angry or transforming his eyes flash/turn amber. It's drawn with marker and pencil.

Keramis With Daggers

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