Neiru & Phaeris
I like my Neiru character a bunch, so instead of him being an EQ character, I'm trying to incorporate him into my own universe where he becomes a Dark Sidhe noble and gets an older brother (the one on the right). Here they are in their vulnerable elven form, but they have a much more powerful form:

'They were beautiful, ebon-skinned entities with malicious eyes that crackled like electricity and hair like wild streaks of lightning. The demonic riders were mounted on midnight-black stallions with flaming orbs, whose hoofbeats were like claps of thunder.'

This pic is primarily focused on Phaeris, but I wanted Neiru here for a closeup for his eyes (which I consider the most beautiful eyes of all my characters). Drawn with marker and pencil, background in photoshop (yes I know, I know, you're getting sick of the damn clouds)

Neiru & Phaeris

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