Moon (Angel) Sickness

This is Maedjoe, and it is said that the red rocks and canyons of the southwestern desert were painted with his blood. Maedjoe can only be killed by damaging his brain, because otherwise his brain will regenerate anything else. He has been given special abilities by some of the most powerful forces in the universe... and beyond. His main patrons are the so-called 'moon angels' (because their battle collisions created the moons): entities that existed before time and space, in the primeval Void from which all universes all born and to which all universes return.

They are beings of pure chaos and destruction, who in their homeworld pass the time by perpetually fighting each other. But in the Void, fighting does not cause pain or damage. Instead it brings a kind of high that comes from complete freedom and release. It is meant to be directed at the breaking down and recycling of entire universes.

But when these violent, chaotic tendencies are unleashed in our universe, they can cause much harm. Sometimes the moon angels, whose job normally is to protect the fragile universes, get carried away and make their avatars get intoxicated with bloodlust. The result is that a person can go mad with sadism and masochism, that is, get high off pain (like the Void beings do). This is called Moon Sickness, short for Moon Angel Sickness. Well, that's what happened to Maedjoe for a time. That's his moon-angel-fueled battle aura flaring around him. Drawn in marker.

Moon (Angel) Sickness

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