It is said that there was once an angel in heaven named Yumeni who was so beautiful and so powerful that everybody wanted to be her mate. But she was very proud, and decided to turn down every suitor until she saw one that was her equal. In this way passed century after century, millenium after millenium, yet no such being came. Often she wandered the cosmos, surveying the countless spirits therein, and still could find none to match her.

Yumeni had almost given up when she suddenly realized that she was searching in all the wrong places. The only one that she truly loved was herself - she needed only to look within. This revelation filled her with insurmountable joy, and immediately she hurried off to her astral chambers. There, she split her own soul into a male half and a female half, giving each split some of her myriad characteristics.

As they awakened to their new identities, Yumeni told them: 'Not life, nor death, not time, nor space, not heaven, nor earth could keep you apart, for yours is a bond that transcends all these. The more you reach out to the other, you will find yourself, and the more you reach inside yourself, you will find the other. Twin aspects of one soul, forever spiraling into one another, forever flowing from the same center, forever bound in endless bliss.'

Ever since then Yumeni was always content. Sometimes she would send her soul splits to incarnate on various worlds and experience each other as no other two beings could, but Yumeni always remained whole in herself at the same time. 'They are the two halves of my heart. I keep them with me always.' she would say.

Drawn in marker and pencil.

(Symbolic notes: Yumeni has black wings and slit pupils because she is a moon angel, and though they are shapeshifters, their favorite forms are black panthers and dragons; Yumeni's eye makeup means all of these 3 things [1] stylized Eye of Horus [2] stylized claw marks [3] stylized tears for the physical and emotional pain her soul splits experiences in some of their lifetimes; The male soul split's wings represent star angels, and so does the red fire around him; The female soul split's wings represent planet angels, and so does the green fire around her; Moon angels' color is blue, so Yumeni has blue theme colors; The night sky behind her is so light because moon angels are much darker than even the blackness of space.)


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