It's so great to have somebody say a line like 'nobody has faced me and lived' and not be exaggerating. Nigel is a moon angel, and moon angels are the most powerful beings in my universe, mainly because they are from the Void. Anything from our universe coming in contact with Void energy would be annihilted instantly. They are an elite fighting force allowed in our universe solely to defend it from hostile Void beings and are not supposed to interfere in anything else.

All that armor is not meant to protect Nigel, but rather act as a buffer to shield others from coming in contact with his Void energy. No attacks from our universe can harm him because he can freely phase between our reality and the Void that underlies it (ie: he can teleport). So fighting him is roughly like fighting Nightcrawler and the Matrix wraith twins combined... except that Nigel can also distort our reality. For example, here he is casting 'black hole'. If you see him do that, time would freeze and stuff would get all swirly-like... but by then you'd already be dead.

The symbol on his breastplate is the Chaos Flower, symbol of the moon angel army - because one spiral going clockwise and the other going counter-clockwise is the most chaotic symbol I could come up with. :P Drawn in marker and pencil.


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