Nigel & Meresankh

This is Nigel and Meresankh on a balcony-type thing. Nigel… that’s short for NightAngel… he’s Yumeni’s (the angel from the Narcissism pic) brother – you know who you are :P

I’ve been wanting to draw Nigel for a while, but I never thought my first picture of him would be like this. I originally wanted to draw him in his Angel of Death type role: black plate armor, two-handed sword, decimating entire armies single-handedly with mind-blowing Void powers (distorting reality and imploding things like a black hole)… but I couldn’t yet come up with a composition that would adequately capture this. He is a moon angel, and is typically very arrogant, very obnoxious, and very flashy, although oddly enough in a very cool and charismatic way. So here he is acting rather out of character, handing Meresankh a withered flower (stuff tends to die around moon angels).

Meresankh (“loves life” in ancient Egyptian) is an elven Queen of the Pleiades, said to be the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. She is very wary of Nigel at first because, well, it’s hard to trust somebody that annihilated half your armies. You see, Nigel was hired as a mercenary by the Orion Queen, who was at war with the Pleiades. But when he saw Meresankh it was love at first sight and he decided to switch sides because… well… who’s gonna stop him? He was never too big on politics anyway, he was just bored. The Orion Queen was quite irked. The tables have turned, and now it was her turn to figure how to get rid of a being who was, by definition, invincible. That’s a long story, though, and I will tell you she did figure out ways, hehe… but that’s why Yumeni’s there to watch Nigel’s back.

So yeah, that’s Meresankh and Nigel, Light and Dark, Life and Death... whose emotional bond became so strong that Meresankh managed to bring Nigel back from the Void into which he was cast by Orion. Drawn in markers and pencil.

P.S. The stars are so huge and so many because they’re in the Pleiades, which is a cluster of densely packed young blue stars… the sky there must be spectacular *_*

...gotta love anti-gravity hair...

Nigel & Meresankh

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