"This isn't my world..."

"This isn't my world...

I can't find a reason to live in this city..."



Ai is endlessly fascinating to me.



He’s a genius, but couldn’t seem to make anything of his life. He had a big dream, but that dream wasn’t born out of hope.



It was driven by hatred for the world, for himself, and even for what he would become.

"I can't find a reason to live in this city..."
Different Person
Completely Gone

"If I ever become a magic user...

I'll be a completely different person from who I am now.

And the current me will be completely gone..."



Though he admired the magic users’ powers, his feelings towards them as a species were highly ambivalent and expressly resentful.




Both in and out of amnesia, his greatest talent was slaughtering them; treating them as test subjects not unlike how they used the people of Hole. And, as a kind of poetic justice, his greatest weapon was the essence of Hole: rain.




Yet, despite his body’s progress and his colossal success in the sorcerer world, he knowingly walked a path of self-annihilation. The ultimate fulfillment of his wish would simultaneously shatter what was left of his original identity.

Toxic Sludge
"Surely all that is me awaits behind this door.
All that is me!"

I’d love to have hugged him and tell him he didn’t need to do any of this, but he was already so dead inside I doubt it would’ve made a difference.

It really makes me sad because, looking at Kaiman or Aikawa, you can tell what a wonderful person Ai would be if he wasn’t weighed down by his childhood.
All that is me...
Darth Kai
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