I really love the Dorohedoro world! It feels so natural to me from the religious aspect.
Devils leaving their house
Lets wave at them
I mean, I look at religions like Christianity, where everything is so starkly divided between good and evil, and you're NEVER supposed to do anything with the "evil" half... Devils, demons, etc. are utterly dangerous and unreasonable. Whereas, in Doro, it's all pretty chill.

You got devils, you got sorcerers, you got magic, and there's lots of danger involved in all that, but it's approached the same way as any other danger - like disease, crime, or accidents.
Not strictly black or white, not dangerous or safe... just a matter of what you're doing and how good you are at it. Nothing is taboo and off limits - it's only limited by ability and experience. That's how the universe works, as I understand it.

This also means that you don't HAVE to side with "God" and avoid the "Devil" at all costs (or gods, devils, buddhas, whatever). You just go with whoever you have a better, more profitable, or more comfortable relationship with... whoever gets you what you want, and whoever wants something from you.
The "devils" in Doro aren't really "evil." They just have a different perspective on the world since they're much less mortal and much more powerful than the sorcerers and humans are.

And there's no unfathomable line between humans, sorcerers, and devils, either. A sorcerer can become a devil through appropriate training, and a human can become a sorcerer through scientific knowledge.

I'd live in this world. Shithole though it is, it's the only series that really got me thinking how having true friends can make any place bearable... even enjoyable.
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