People I Just Plain Hate List
Otherwise known as the why-I-can't-watch-Naruto-anymore list. Now with 20% more Shinji!
1 #1: Uzumaki Naruto UZUMAKI NARUTO

Congratulations to Uzumaki Naruto for topping even Itachi on my hate list! That is quite an accomplishment. But, without further adieu... How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:

10) I hate your annoying smirk.

9) I hate your annoying laugh.

8) I hate your annoying cheerfulness.

7) I hate your annoying determination to do something when you so obviously suck at it.

6) I hate your retarded toad summons, WTF kind of power is that anyway??

5) I hate that the poor nine-tails kitsune is trapped in your pathetic little body.

4) I hate you for ever making Sasuke feel weak or unappreciated.

3) I hate you for the thought of defeating Itachi entering your demented little mind when you knew that would take away the only purpose Sasuke sees in life.

2) I hate you for making me stop watching a good show because the only person that made your presence tolerable ran away.

And the #1 reason:

1) I hate you for making me put off watching Bleach for so long because I though Ichigo would remind me of you.


2 #2: Neo-Dante NEO-DANTE

The whole damn reboot is a mess. The city is bleeding with wet graffiti instead of demon corpses, and the soundtrack sounds like something out of a dance club instead of hard rock and gothic ambiance. Most importantly, though, Dante was never some punk emo kid with black hair. He never wore shark tooth necklaces - he has his mother's amulet! He never wore jester coats that make him look like Nero. And he has never smoked. Hideki Kamiya, creator of the Devil May Cry series, said that he made Dante a non-smoker because he saw it as more cool. He saw Dante as more stylish and fun than bitter and mean. This sentiment is also echoed in the Devil May Cry novels. In short, this completely unnecessary reboot pisses on everything that makes Dante what he is. I can only hope this abomination dies a horrible flaming death and is never heard from again.

3 #3: Nero NERO
(Devil May Cry 4)

I don't know where this kid came from. It was certainly never explained. He just got a demon arm all of a sudden and snatched 13/20ths of a Devil May Cry game away from Dante. Thankfully, after you finish the game once, you can just replay the 7 Dante missions and not have to worry about him. Since, y'know, Dante basically does the exact same thing Nero did. I really don't see the point in this. Nero added absolutely nothing relevant to the series. Neither him nor his singing female companion mesh well with the attitude-driven characters that populate the rest of the games. What Nero did add - most notably his devil arm - reeks of God of War and has no place in a game that values style over brute strength.

4 #4: Light YAGAMI LIGHT
(Death Note)

This is one of the most disgusting personalities ever created. This is intentional, of course, but I still can't stand him. He's at an obscene disadvantage from those pursuing him and he still callously manipulates others. In fact, he does less and less himself as time goes on, and that's very hard for me to respect. Although he claims to believe in his ideal world, he'll ask sacrifices of everyone except himself. He is consistently misogynistic and the way he treats Misa, Kiyomi, Naomi, and even Rem is appalling. But even all this wouldn't make me hate him as much as I do. What I truly hate him for is the infamous look he gave L as L died. That was completely uncalled for and a display of pure, inexcusable evil. It violated the honor code that I see as existing between rivals: if you truly respect your opponent - which Light did - you can't spit upon such a sacred relationship by gloating.


Ikari Shinji


Behold! The creature who has made me stop watching Evangelion not once, not twice, but three times! I had told myself to be patient, that the end will be worth it, that maybe him snapping and going insane might redeem him, but I think he's way too far gone on my annoyance scale for that to happen. Although his father Gendou is absolutely awesome, Shinji epitomizes everything I hate in a character. He's a whiny little coward who can't think for himself and is constantly seeking approval from others. I hate him. He makes me want to beat my head against a wall. Or, better yet, his head against a wall.

Indeed, there are very few people I can tolerate in Evangelion - Gendou, Rei, Kaworu, and Kaji - so Shinji's pitifulness is not helping at all. Him killing Kaworu firmly solidified his place on this list.


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