Standardized Rating System

STORY: Complexity and originality of the plot.

        1: Complete Randomness
      2: Boring and/or slow paced plot.
    3: Standard, formulaic story that works well.
  4: Interesting story that keeps you entertained with its complexity and surprises.
5: A plot that I can spend months analyzing and speculating about.
- Awarded to those that score a 5

WORLD: Complexity and originality of the world.

        1: Mundane, modern world.
      2: Mundane, historical world.
    3: Original world, or world with some fantasy/sci-fi elements.
  4: Well thought-out, original world rich in history, myth, and customs.
5: I am in absolute awe at the imagination of this world’s creator.
- Awarded to those that score a 5

POWERS: The intricacy of the magic/fighting/abilities system.

        1: Everyone is normal, move along.
      2: The same attack is used over and over again.
    3: No real rhyme or reason to the abilities people have.
  4: There’s a considerable diversity of interesting powers.
5: I am constantly impressed at the creativity that went into thinking these up.
- Awarded to those that score a 5

PEOPLE: Interestingness and likeability of the characters.

        1: I hate everyone in this series!
      2: I guess I can tolerate them.
    3: One or two people carry the entire series.
  4: There’s lots of fascinating characters.
5: Some of my all-time favorite characters are here!
- Awarded to those that score a 5

ACTION: Amount of violence in the series.

        1: What is this “blood” you speak of?
      2: Violence is an absolute last resort.
    3: Action is reserved for certain important and/or climactic moments.
  4: Series is geared towards action, and does it well.
5: Some of the best fight scenes to ever grace the screen/paper.
- Awarded to those that score a 5

DRAMA: Prevalence of angst and other strong emotions.

        1: Drama? What drama?
      2: Shit happens, but is forgotten quickly.
    3: There are several key dramatic moments when everyone gets serious.
  4: Major character(s) gets moody for extended periods of time.
5: Major character(s) constantly struggling with unspeakable torment.
- Awarded to those that score a 5

HUMOR: How funny the series is.

        1: Everyone is drowning in angst.
      2: Primarily serious, but there’s comic relief to lighten the mood.
    3: There’s some amusing jokes here and there.
  4: Aims for comedy, and succeeds.
5: One of the funniest series ever.
- Awarded to those that score a 5


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