Kurosaki Isshin

In a startling turn of events, we find out that the psychic power that runs in the Kurosaki family does not only stem from the mother's side. Isshin is revealed to be an ex Shinigami captain, capable of taking out the Grand Fisher in one blow! Could this alone account for Ichigo's amazing potential?

Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. Isshin's genes could help explain Ichigo's power, but they do not refute any of the points already made. Also, if only Isshin's genes are responsible, why is there such an inconsistent distribution of power among the three siblings? Ichigo's potential exceeds not only his sisters', but very likely Isshin himself.

People in Soul Society fall in love and have families. Surely captains have had children before, yet none as obscenely powerful as Ichigo, and none with a potentially inborn Hollow. It is more likely the special-ness lies within Ichigo, not Isshin, especially when genes are diluted through mating with a human. Something more is going on.

Isshin's parentage might, however, be a way for a Shinigami soul to incarnate as a (half?) human.

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Chapter 187
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