Apocalypse VI: Chapter 8.5

Apocalypse V: Guardian Nexus and Raven

Raven new he was now in the Land of Truth, but he did not know what to do or where to go. A raven fluttered down from the emerald treetops and transformed into the soul of his best friend Gaisa. She told him that she had always loved and supported him, but it was time for him to let her go. There was a new woman in his life now, and she wanted him to be happy. Gaisa said she would no longer accompany him in raven form, but that they would meet again in future lifetimes. With that, she faded away into eternity. In her place appeared three ethereal beings swathed in luminous white robes. They introduced themselves as the Aelis Neicla, Shnavi-dae, and Nisea, and told Raven that he could ask each of them one question.

Raven turned to Aeli Neicla and asked the first question, “How is Aloquin planning to establish his rule in Caldora?” Neicla replied that though the Earth Dragon embryo was destroyed in the material world, it’s mirror in the Land of Illusions kept growing, bringing the countryside to the desolate state he had seen. Both Aloquin’s and Dinictis’s lives were tied with the life of the Earth Dragon Caldor, and had Aloquin stayed trapped in the Land of Illusions when the embryo destroyed its parent, he would die along with it. Instead, he had opened an inter-dimensional gateway in a mighty astral fortress, and aimed to seal Dinictis inside the portal just as the embryo was about to hatch. This way he would extract his revenge by leaving her to the same fate she planned for him.

Raven turned to Shnavi-dae and asked the second question, “How is Aurora?” Shnavi-dae replied that Yugashii had re-captured Aurora using a magic choker provided to him by Aloquin. He had joined sides with Aloquin, and now keeps the forest spirit imprisoned in the wizard’s astral fortress. Though this information shook Raven to the core even more so than the shocking revelation of Neicla, he knew he had to keep going.

Raven turned to Nisea and asked the last question, a question that had been plaguing him since the day he was born, “Who is my father?” Nisea replied that his farther was none other than Acora Lynn. Raven only gawked back in shock, not sure whether to feel outraged or thrilled. But before he could make up his mind, he felt a pulling sensation tug at his feet. A whirlpool had formed in the ground, extending into the earth in the shape of a churning tunnel. “You must go back now,” the Aeli informed him, but their voices seemed far away as he spun through the passageway of swirling energy into oblivion.

He fell through a womb-like darkness between worlds, the stillness only broken by the muffled sounds of his own heartbeat as he gradually sank back into his body. When he opened his eyes he felt refreshed, as if awakening from a wonderful dream. He saw Lynn gazing down at him, and his attitude quickly soured. Lynn knew what troubled his son’s mind, and attempted to explain the convoluted story surrounding his birth. He told him that he loved Shalaya dearly, and wanted nothing more than to settle down and start a family with her. But when he became an Acora, he was expected to put the whole of Caldora before himself. Showing favoritism would make the people lose respect for their prophet, and Dinictis could not have that.

         He did indeed tell Shalaya not to have the child, but her love was too strong, and she could not stop herself. For that reason, Lynn told her to make the child look as little as himself as possible on the outside. That was why the majority of the traits Raven had inherited from his father were those of skill and character. But Lynn had finally gained the trust of the people now, and he promised Raven that once this war was over he would be able to openly show his affections. He also wanted to know if, when that time came, Raven would accept him as his father. Raven replied that it would be an honor.

Apocalypse VII: Chapters 9 & 10.5

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