Acora Lynn

And so Caldora prospered for centuries under Dinictis’ rule, until one day a rogue meteor crashed into the crystal in which Aloquin was imprisoned and set him free. Shards of the crystal flew to the four corners of the country, and the Queen sought some brave souls to go and gather up the pieces, for that was the only way of stopping her rival.

Lynn gladly volunteered for the job. This dark elf held the top fighting rank in the North Forest, but he was getting bored with his reputation. He longed to see if there was more to life than constant battle and saw this task as an opportunity to do so. The half-elf Shalaya, though a no-rank herself, was Lynn's childhood friend and came along to help. They scoured the four forests for the missing chunks and brought them back to the Queen. With Lynn's assistance, Dinictis used them to detain Aloquin once again, this time in a parallel dimension called the Land of Illusions.

All that had occurred made Dinictis resent her powers of foresight more and more, and she finally decided to pass them on to somebody more willing to cope with them. Lynn was more than happy to oblige, and his patience and discipline were rewarded with the gift of prophecy. But the dark elf’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable, and he pushed to learn more, until he gained awareness of the past and present as well. Dinictis retained her knowledge of past and present, and that was all she required to rule benevolently and wisely.

Time passed, and Lynn had become disillusioned with life in his native North Forest. Thanks to his oracular powers, the thrill and excitement of battle was gone, and he turned his attention to more philosophical endeavors. He wanted to live in harmony and friendship, but others called him naïve, pointing to the mangled corpses that littered the woods as evidence of the harsh reality of the world. Being a trained Acora, he was not shaken by such influences. He knew that everybody chose how they viewed their own reality, and as long as people chose to want a life of harmony and friendship while firmly believing that it could never be achieved, that is how it would be.

          Lynn left the wilds of his native North Forest in search of a place where people chose a different path. His quest led him to the harmonious East Forest, a safe haven where nobody lived in fear. There he set up a home in the face of an earthen mound and lived in peace. One day a distraught human mother brought her young son to his door, begging him to take the child as an apprentice. The dark elf knew that the boy did not have the patience or the discipline to ever become an Acora, but raised him anyway, for he also knew that this child was destined for greatness – this was Jason, the future King of Caldora.

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