The Dragon Twins

And so the land was filled with green things. But its verdant beauty was shrouded in fog, and there was nobody there to enjoy it. Time passed, and at last the beginnings of animate life stirred within the murky liquid. A female form rose out of the waters: Dinictis the all-knowing. She was followed by a male form: Aloquin, who excelled in the arts of wizardry.

These were the Dragon Twins, the firstborn who were meant to preside over the world that would flourish upon the surface; it happened this way on every Earth Dragon. But Dinictis, in her unfailing foresight, looked into her partnerís heart and saw great evil there. She divined that he would ultimately go mad with power and attempt to claim the throne all for himself. She saw the land divided, dominated by war and grief, with Aloquin ruling his wretched subjects by fear.

Dinictis could not allow this to happen. The moment they stepped out of the liquid, she turned on him and used the power hidden in the gigantic crystals to lock him inside the one at the center. She knew he would eventually break free, but it would serve well as a temporary prison. The wizard naturally came to harbor a grudge against his twin. He considered the attack unprovoked, and swore to one day repay her for her treachery.

Dinictis knelt by the sandy shore and gazed into the lake; the dragonís blood was ripe with the forces of creation. She touched her finger to the primordial waters and brought forth abundant life. First came the Tooth Guardians, immortal beings destined to guard Caldorís throat canal and make sure anything that went in would not get out. Then came the elves, humans, faeries, goblins, tricksters, ogres, trolls, orcs, dragons, gnolls, dwarves, unipegs, and all manner of creatures rose up from the liquid at her command. They bowed to her as Goddess, built a glorious castle for her out of the crystal debris and crowned her their Queen. Ever since then she was called the Bringer of All Life, and known as the ancestor of all who walk the earth.

         Dinictis dispelled the dusty fog and ordered the waters to recede, revealing to her children the beautiful land that awaited them. She called it Caldora, and divided it into four parts: the North Forest, the East Forest, the South Forest, and the West Forest. She blessed her offspring and bade them go out into the world and make homes for themselves Ė which they did.

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