The Earth Dragon

          In the beginning, there was the great Earth Dragon Omar. It was called an Earth Dragon because it was half flesh and half earth, and had reached the size of a small moon. But this dragon was getting old, and so new life sparked within its womb. The embryo grew like a voracious cancer, soon becoming too big and too vigorous for its host to handle.

Omar cracked open like a broken egg when the baby tore its way out of its bowels. The infant dragon was a being of pure flesh, and it flew around, greedily devouring the earthy remains of its parent. When it had consumed enough rock to stiffen its body it nestled comfortably among the twinkling stars.

This was how the Earth Dragon Caldor came into existence. It drifted for ages in the dead of space, gulping down any stray asteroids that passed its way, accumulating more and more mass, until it had digested a sufficient amount of stone to develop a thick skin of earth to protect its fleshy interior. The dragon eventually settled into a stable orbit around the nearby sun named Ara, revolving silently at the fringes of its gravitational pull.

Thus it lay dormant for centuries, engulfed in a dreamless sleep, until it was awakened by an astounding meteor shower. The rocks pelted onto its skin and raised great clouds of dust into the atmosphere. Among the meteorites was a magnificent piece of multi-colored crystal. It collided at the very midpoint of the beastís back and broke into ten distinct chunks that fell in a circle miles wide around the central piece.

          The crystals embedded themselves deep into the Earth Dragonís skin, and it moaned in pain as fresh blood gushed from the wounds, pouring into the impact craters and forming a huge lake. However, the blood of an Earth Dragon was not thick and red, but in fact purest water. It fertilized the ground and allowed lush forests to sprout outside of the crystalsí borders.

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