Earth Dragon Embryo

All was not well in the land. The Earth Dragon Caldor was getting old, and a new fetus was being kindled within its bowels. Although this was part of the Earth Dragonís life cycle, it spelled inevitable death for all who thrived upon it. Already the ground was becoming dry and flaky, which was a sure sign that the vegetation was next to go. An old prophecy stated that a man would be born who could go inside the Earth Dragon and come out alive. This man would be able to destroy the embryo and become the King of Caldora. Acora Lynn knew the prophecy spoke of Jason, and set out to trigger its manifestation.

For the first time he showed Jason the face of Dinictis in a pool of water, the face of the primal ancestress, exceeded in age only by Caldor itself yet radiant with immortal youth. Jason immediately became infatuated with her and resolved to sneak into the Crystal Castle to see her firsthand. However, he was caught by palace guards, and sentatnced to be sacrificed to the Earth Dragon Caldor during the Yi Faiye Balaam as all criminals were. But this was only a minor setback for Jason. As foretold, he eluded the digestive fluids of the Earth Dragon's innards and found his way back to the surface through Caldor's blood vessels.

As soon as Dinictis heard of Jason's escape, she summoned Acora Lynn and his apprentice to the Crystal Castle and told them they must collect shards from each of the ten Crystals of Power. She then had had Jason put the pieces together into a magical medallion, forged from the forces of light and darkness, creation and destruction. This was a powerful medallion indeed, capable of neutralizing anything without divine blood, including the Earth Dragon itself. Dinictis told Jason that he was now the Keeper of the Crystals, and must wield them with care, for if he so much as dropped them on the ground, Caldor would die.

Together journeyed into Caldorís entrails. They dodged attacks from the ever-diligent Tooth Guardians, and avoided corrosive acids in Caldor's stomach. Eventually they found the developing embryo and neutralized it with the medallion. Jason showed Dinictis which blood vessel lead to the surface and they washed up in the East Forest. Thus Caldora was saved, and for his role in the mission Dinictis proclaimed Jason King to rule alongside her and endowed him with immortality.

The force with which the crystals negated the embryo was so great that it knocked the Earth Dragon Caldor out of its orbit and sent it on a path towards the neighboring planet Lossi. The collision with Lossi was a gentle one, for the bulk of the dragon touched down on its buoyant oceans, with the tip of the beastís tail landing on a vast continent at an area called the Enchanted Forest. This place now served as a junction between the two landmasses. Many changes needed to be made: new maps to be charted, new lands to be explored, new astral worlds to be reconciled, and the Overworld traffic of souls to be merged.

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