The world was still young when the peoples of Caldora were settling into the four forests. Those that migrated to the East Forest named the etheric faery city of Acrela their capital. Those that migrated to the South Forest named the jungle city of Callibra their capital. Those that migrated to the West Forest named the industrious city of Nastra their capital. But those that migrated to the North Forest found it a bleak and inhospitable place, where branches grew so thick they smothered the light of day.

The North Foresters did not know what to make of their new home. They broke up into clans and founded family caves as their dwellings. Resources were scarce in the rocky ground, and competition between clans for power and survival was fierce. The strongest families took residence in the darkest heart of the forest, which they called Trellia. Yet chaos reigned in the woods, they had no leader, and did not feel the poorer for it. The only safe haven was Gayama, the tree of friendship, where clans and individuals could come and affirm their alliances.

As time passed, a clear champion emerged from the masses and his name was Kayintas. He was unmatched in his fighting prowess, and exerted much influence in the North Forest. But he eventually grew tired of indirect rule, and sought to use his great authority to enact sweeping changes in the forest’s political structure. He called together his legions of followers and set up base in an imposing cave in the midst of Trellia. Kayintas crowned himself monarch, and declared that the North Forest was no longer a place of rival factions and tentative alliances, but a unified nation with strict laws as dictated by him.

The sovereign clans did not like this proposal at all, but they were too weak to challenge Kayintas’ vast armies. They came together at Gayama, the tree of friendship, and held council to decide how to handle this situation. After much heated discussion, only one viable option remained. For the first time in North Forest history, all the clans would work together to overthrow a common enemy. Kayintas’ army included people from caves all over the forest. Sister was turned against sister, brother against brother, parent against child. But higher ideals were at stake, and the great alliance of clans were willing to partake in this bloodbath to ensure the survival of their way of life.

         Kayintas and his army were overwhelmed, his cave was overrun, and his tyrannical regime was overthrown. The alliance then disbanded and the North Forest returned to its primal state of anarchy, where high-ranking fighters could influence others through the respect they inspired in the masses. They laughed at their tamer counterparts in the East, South, and West Forests, seeing that lifestyle as detrimental to both the senses and the mind. The cave that Kayintas occupied during his short-lived reign was named after him, to warn future generations what happens to those that challenge the freedom of the North Foresters.

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