Keramis Earns 5th Rank

Armed with great speed, impeccable dodge, magical daggers, and werewolfism, Keramis felt ready to enter tournaments to earn official ranks in the North Forest hierarchy. These were formal duels complete with witnesses to attest to the outcome. Spectators formed a ring around the combatants, and made sure no one else interfered. A contestant would step into the center of the ring, and challenge anyone from the crowd to fight them. The winner of the match would stay in the ring and challenge the crowd again, and so it would continue until they lost.

Keramis had so far dominated this tournament, breezing through the no-ranks with grace and ease. But as he worked his way up, the opponents got tougher and tougher. At last he found himself opposite Karaci, the leader of the karaci people, a race of beings that could turn invisible at will. Karaci disappeared from view as soon as the fight started and Keramis found himself in a very precarious position. Though his elven sight allowed him to see in the dark, he did not have faery sight, the ability to see through illusions.

Keramis did his best to dodge and block Karaciís unseen attacks through sensation of air movement and sheer instinct, but he knew that would not get him very far. He had to find a way to break his enemyís concentration. Once again Keramis was forced to activate the magic in his daggers, and managed to scratch Karaciís arm in one of his onslaughts. He then allowed Karaci to hit him, which knocked the elf to the floor, but it was worth it, for the mirrored backlash from the attack made Karaci visible again.

It was Keramis who had the upper hand now, and he made sure to take full advantage of it. The elf was nearly unhittable against a single opponent, and his movements were swift and deadly. It was no time at all before he had Karaci down and beaten on the ground. The adrenaline rush of the fighting flurry left Keramisí eyes burning with raw ambition and he poised his blade over his opponentís chest. But Karaci was no longer looking at him. Following his field of vision, Keramis saw Karaciís girlfriend Lianna watching them with scared tears in her eyes. This softened his resolve and the elf put away his daggers. He smiled and stretched out a hand to help Karaci back to his feet.

         Keramis was pronounced the winner of the duel. Karaci declared that Lianna was better than him, and Lianna declared that though she could beat Karaci, she would not be able to beat Keramis. Kranti already held the tentative place of First Rank, Kentabri Second Rank, Kasheri Third Rank, and Keratop Fourth Rank. This officially made Keramis Fifth Rank, Lianna Sixth Rank, and Karaci Seventh Rank. After the display of mercy at the duel, Keramis, Karaci, and Lianna became the best of friends.

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