Keramis and the Ogre

It was common knowledge that the faeries had the power to bestow wondrous abilities to those they deemed worthy. Keramis figured he was on good standing with the faeries, and a “faery favor” could be a great advantage in the tournament for ranks. But when he got to the underground faery city, he found out that he wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Faery Queen Felitsi told him that a vile ogre had kidnapped the faery princess. He kept her in his cave behind iron bars that nullify faery magic, and refused to let her go until he was granted a faery favor. Keramis was always ready to help a damsel in distress and assured them he would bring back the princess safe and sound.

He tracked down the ogre’s cave and infiltrated it unnoticed using his roguish skills. But when it came time to face the huge ogre, he grew arrogant and forgot that a cave was no place for his aerial strategies. After much dodging and running around, Keramis found himself cornered against a wall. Before he could react, the elf’s instinctive scream was cut short as the ogre grabbed his leg and swung him brutally into the stone. The ogre dragged him across the floor into the other room and dumped him in a holding cell.

When Keramis came to, he saw the faery princess sitting in an iron birdcage that hung opposite his cell. She laughed at him, asking what he could possibly do that stronger opponents who fell to the ogre could not. She teased him, singing how the ogre would soon come back, tear his limbs from their sockets, and pick the meat off his bones just like all the others. But Keramis put up with her mockery, and joked back that for somebody as powerful as a faery princess, she couldn’t even get out of a cage.

In truth, the impact had knocked some sense back into him, and he had developed a plan. When he heard the ogre returning, he pretended to be unconscious still, and as he felt the stench of the ogre’s breath on his face, the elf lashed out at his enemy with the faery metal dagger he held hidden in one hand. It cut open the ogre’s cheek, and the monster roared in rage and slammed Keramis against another wall. But the mirror magic of the daggers kicked in and the ogre dropped his prey and recoiled in pain. Keramis nimbly pickpocketed the keys and dashed out of the prison cell, locking the ogre inside it in his place.

         He unlocked the faery princess from her cage, and together they went to face the faery court. Queen Felitsi heartily thanked Keramis for bringing back her daughter and told him to look into her mirror and whatever he sees in it shall be the faery favor he has earned. Keramis gazed inside the mirror and inside it saw a wolf, and as he stared, his physical form changed to match the reflection. The Queen said that his gift will be the ability to transform into a wolf at will, to match his lustful nature.

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