Cosmic Dragons

When everything was still the One light, nothing ever happened. The Star Spirits, wise custodians of the Manifest realms, realized that if their worlds were to take on a life of their own, the unity ignorant of its multiplicity had to become a multiplicity ignorant of its unity. The One had to at least split into Two, and the interaction of these Two could then give birth to countless other beings. But no matter how many beings came into existence, they would always retain the nebulous memory of the primal pair and always see the world through this filter of polarized opposites. Even Void and Manifest played upon this primeval duality.

And so, in the first act of creation, the Star Spirits laid an egg in the center of the cosmos, and out of this egg hatched twin dragon spirits. Thus were born the Chaos Dragon and the Order Dragon; the first pair of universal deities, the Cosmic Dragons. They personified dual polarities - equal but opposite - each striving to perpetuate their qualities and through their eternal flux creating change that drove the momentum of the universe. But theirs was not a struggle for absolute supremacy as much as a harmonious dance. They spiraled around each other like the double helix of evolution, they bit each other's tails in a never-ending circle, two halves of one inextricable whole; where one ended, the other would begin.

They complemented each other, for there could be no creation without destruction. Even if one of them strayed too far off balance and tried to usurp control or even destroy the other, so intertwined were they that each extreme yielded its opposite. Overpopulation brought death and massive death made room for new life, the latent polarity rose triumphantly from the ashes of its own collapse. All subsequent beings were subject to these laws so that no single power could ravage the world unchecked. The Cosmic Dragons created a race of Earth Dragons to personify themselves. These were colossal dragons of half earth and half flesh, capable of sustaining life upon their bodies, and serving as the homes for the physical incarnations of the Cosmic Dragons known as the Dragon Twins.

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