Aramil Coast

          Siyanna met the exiled Annukai at the edge of the forest. Her gentle rays warmed their weary hearts, and she welcomed them with open arms. Their faith in her did not falter in the face of persecution and death, so the goddess knew they would not abandon her in times of hardship. Siyanna washed their souls clean with her light and blessed them. No longer would they be known as Annukai, but the Aramil, Beloved of the Sun.

          Siyanna led her followers to the ocean shore, to the delta of the Great River, and here they founded the settlement of Arama’at, Dominion of the Sun. The goddess herself walked among them, showing them the basics of civilization. She taught them how to cultivate the fertile flood plain, to make homes and boats from bamboo and palm trees. Tamai was always by her side, and together they ruled Arama’at.

The Aramil fished, farmed, and multiplied. They basked in the sweet sunshine of this peaceful land, and forgot all about their life in Suknuru’s dark realm. Soon the growing population required larger, more durable houses to be constructed. Groups of Aramil were sent upstream in their fishing boats to fetch jungle lumber.

          Suknuru, too, forgot about the Aramil menace in their long absence. But when Annukai scouts reported strangers felling trees in the forest, the god proclaimed their presence a nuisance and decided to exterminate the fledgling nation once and for all. He sent packs of undead to attack Arama’at.

          The Aramil managed to fend off the undead assaults with crude farming tools, but their carefree days were of anonymity were now over. They were forced to build a formidable city wall and barracks, invest time in the development of adequate weapons, and rehash their fierce martial skills. Siyanna was the goddess of flame, so her priestesses and priests worked hard to master fire magic. By the time Suknuru sent live Annukai with the undead hordes, the Aramil were ready and fought back the invasion.

These attacks did not deter the growth of the Aramil, and Arama’at was by now a thriving city with houses and bazaars. But the heart of the city always was and always would be the great Pyramid of the Sun, a colossal temple to Siyanna. The Aramil were passionate about their shining goddess and spared no expense in the construction of this architectural marvel. It faced a vast courtyard, at the center of which was a hearth that housed the Eternal Flame in her honor. Their loyalty to Siyanna remained strong, and they expressed it through art and prose. Each sunrise they would sing hymns to their awakening goddess, praising her for rescuing them from Suknuru and blessing them with victories over the forces of darkness.

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