Creation of Lossi

            In the beginning, Lossi was an endless sea of shifting lava and Fire ruled supreme. This was not to last, for soon Water rained down from the heavens. It formed a vast ocean, which cooled the magma into the solid substance known as Earth, and the steam became Air. Thus it is known that despite its benign appearance, Lossi was forged in flame, and primeval fires still raged deep in the planetís core that remembered what transpired from time immemorial. Only three flames of the original conflagration still burned on the surface. They were called the Wisdom Fires, and could be found deep in a cave of the highest mountain in the Valley of the Whispering Winds. As the firstborn of Lossi, the Wisdom Fires knew its past and its present. Countless heroes throughout history came to them for advice, and it is from them that this story comes.

            The mighty Elementals were the initial rulers of Lossi, and their authority went unchallenged for ages. The heart of the world was the Valley of the Whispering Winds: the seat of their power and a place where anybody could come to commune directly with the four elements. The wind-swept peaks of the mountain range reached high into the clouds, and from them cascaded the Great River, flowing through the valley and spilling out onto a fertile plateau beyond.

The Elementals nourished the land and vegetation began to flourish there. Soon a lush forest sprang up by the Valley of the Whispering Winds, and at its center grew a mighty oak called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life grew fatter and fatter, until one day its bark cracked and two beings emerged from its hollow. They were the deities Laurel and Pan, a wholly new form of life the likes of which Lossi had never seen.

          From the moment they set eyes on each other, an urge gripped them that they could not deny, and they embraced in the full passions of love. The land exploded with fertility from their union, and Lossi was populated by all manner of things that walk, crawl, fly, climb, and swim. Birds now chirped in the trees, wolves stalked the countryside, and fish frolicked beneath the waves.
Lastly, they created a race in their own image: humans to worship and honor them.

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