The Dark Sun

          But Suknuru would not accept defeat. He sent his infamous priests along with the armies of Annukai and undead to lay siege on Arama’at. They cursed enemy weapons and inflicted many down with disease. The Aramil suffered many losses, and the priests raised the dead to fight against their own people. Fire-flinging casters did what they could to combat the undead minions, but there was just too many. Siyanna realized that she needed help, so she told her followers to stay strong while she goes to fetch her divine brothers as reinforcements. Tamai was left alone to rule in her place.

          Suknuru saw the goddess leave and, realizing the city’s weakened position, ordered his army to break through the Aramil’s defenses. Suknuru himself entered the city of Arama’at, and headed straight for the Temple of the Sun. There he found Tamai and struck him dead with a single glance. Surely with their leader gone, the Aramil would lose the heart to fight. Indeed, his enemies were filled with dread and could no longer stay organized.

          Siyanna returned with Akireli and Kumbayeli to find her city infiltrated and the battlefield in disarray. Immediately her brothers turned into huge lions and attacked the Annukai while the goddess herself rushed to her temple. Upon finding her lover dead, her face turned dark with rage and the Eternal Flame died in its hearth. The sun was blotted out from the sky and Lossi witnessed its first solar eclipse.

          Siyanna emerged from the gates of her temple in a wholly new aspect, that of the Dark Sun – pure, unbridled fury. Every Aramil in the field felt their blood boil with her wrath. Their eyes glazed over, their fangs bared, and their claws unsheathed, they slaughtered everything in sight with unearthly strength.

Suknuru was taken aback and the Annukai were paralyzed with fear. Day had turned into night, his troops were besieged by three gods, and the entire Aramil army had gone berserk. He had no choice but to tell his forces to retreat back to the jungle. The Annukai did not bother the Aramil again for many years.

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