Rise of the Gods

Laurel and Pan were worshipped as Mother Goddess and Father God, providers and sustainers of all life. They named the primeval woods in which they dwelled the Enchanted Forest, and it became the seat of their power. Ceaselessly did the Lord and Lady of the Forest make love, and shower their mortal children with the cornucopia of nature’s bounty. Soon they birthed more life than they could manage on their own, and they decided to bring forth more deities like themselves. So it was that one day Laurel’s belly was swelling with immortal radiance, and all mundane activity stopped in reverence of the sacred beings that would emerge from the Goddess’ bottomless womb.

When Laurel’s water broke, it seeped into the ground and traveled by underground streams into the Valley of the Whispering Winds. There, it traveled along mountainous waterfalls and flowed into the Great River. As it drifted on the river’s current, it grew and took on shape, so that by the time it emptied into the ocean it took on the likeness of a silver-haired mermaid with shimmering rainbow scales. Thus was born Clabdisnutsu, goddess supreme of Waterworld’s oceans.

Four more goddesses waited to be born as Laurel went into labor. At midnight, in the cold and dark, Laurel gave birth to the goddess Taiga. In the morning, at the first light of dawn, Laurel gave birth to the goddess Visna. In the heat of the midday sun, Laurel gave birth to the goddess Siyanna. Finally, in the golden hues of twilight, Laurel gave birth to the goddess Osenya.

The four sisters surveyed the world with their fresh eyes, and asked their parents what roles they were destined to fill in it. Laurel and Pan smiled, for they had great plans for their divine daughters. It was time for a shift in power. Lossi was only big enough for one ruling pantheon, and too long had the Elementals roamed free. Laurel and Pan told the sisters to go capture an Elemental King, and whichever they caught would determine their powers.

The four sisters went out from the Enchanted Forest to hunt for Elementals. Taiga captured the King of Earth, becoming the goddess of Winter, cold, night, snow, ice, blizzards, and hunters. Visna captured the King of Air, becoming the goddess of Spring, morning, flowers, rain, seeds, newness, and innocence. Siyanna captured the King of Fire, becoming the goddess of Summer, noon, the sun, light, love, war, and abundance. Osenya captured the King of Water, becoming the goddess of Autumn, dusk, creativity, emotions, journeys, magic, and the harvest. Together, they became the goddesses of the four elements, the four seasons, and the four directions.

With the Elemental Kings’ powers weakened, the Enchanted Forest replaced the Valley of the Whispering Winds as heart of the world. The Elementals lost much of their influence over even the basic functions of life, and new beings were needed to fill their niche. Laurel gave birth to the faeries to tend the fields and forests, and regulate the cycles of growth and decay. She then gave birth to the god-like Sidhe to govern the faeries, and granted them dominion over Life and Death. To rule over the Sidhe, Laurel gave birth to the alluring Onedia, goddess of love, beauty, dreams, magic, curses, the arts, and wielder of the element of Spirit. Together with Taiga, Visna, Siyanna, and Osenya they made up the Five Muses.

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