Wanderings of Siyanna

The glorious Tashari Empire had fallen and the Tashari people now worshipped a new god. Tearing at her hair and her clothes, the goddess Siyanna staggered through the sand dunes bereft with grief. Her followers had abandoned her, her seat of power was gone, her temples were in ruins. She had given them life, culture, riches, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams, and did not understand why things went so very wrong. All over she wandered in the searing heat, not knowing where she was going or where she would end up, for a sea of sand stretched to every horizon.

Finally she reached the shores of a great ocean, and walked along the coast until she came upon the bamboo hut of her brothers, Akireli and Kumbayeli. Even though she could hear them arguing already, the sight of another living being brought joy to her heart. They took her in, gave her food and water, and asked her what goes on in the outside world. Siyanna told them about the magnificent rise of the Tashari Empire, and how puzzled she was about its fall.

The twins shook their heads and said it was not puzzling to them at all. Their time in isolation had forced them to value each other’s opinions. They learned that everything had two sides to it, and so long as both coexisted in dynamic harmony, life could flourish. However, if one overpowers the other, that balance is broken, leading to stagnation and death. Siyanna had stressed the forces of creation, forgetting they must be balanced by the forces of destruction, and her civilization burned too bright and too quick than the land would allow.

When she realized her mistake, the shining goddess smiled and her face lit up like the sun. Though she knew that no civilization would ever reach the hedonistic splendor of the Tashari Empire, her next civilization would be healthy and stable. Siyanna heartily thanked her brothers, and told them she was leaving to search for those in need of her light. When she founded her new civilization, she promised to come back for the twins, and take them with her to rejoin the wider world where they would worshipped as the awesome gods that they are.

Siyanna continued her journey, and it led her to jungles of the Ring of Death. This was the last refuge of the feral Annukai, who now lived under the totalitarian rule of Suknuru, the god of undeath. Siyanna felt a great sadness for them, and wished to rescue them from such a miserable life. The goddess watched them, looking for a prophet to spread her message amongst the villagers. She swore to do things differently this time, so instead of a female, she set her eyes on a handsome young male named Tamai. Siyanna came to him on sunbeams while he was alone in a clearing, and promised his people hope and happiness if they switched allegiance from Suknuru to her.

Tamai was enchanted by both her beauty and her words, and immediately set off to tell the others of the Siyanna’s offer. The Annukai were skeptical of Tamai’s claims, and most believed there was no power greater than Suknuru. When the elders heard the name of the goddess, they growled in disdain, and vowed to never join the former goddess of their hated Tashari enemies. But a brave few did believe Tamai, and together they started a missionary movement, spreading the light of Siyanna to the disheartened villagers. Slowly the group gathered momentum, and snowballed until a large chunk of the population had joined their ranks.

The priests of Suknuru soon caught wind of the movement, and set out to eradicate it. They told those loyal to Suknuru to scorn and abuse the followers of Siyanna, and they sent undead minions to round them up for sacrifice during monthly rituals. Many got scared off and left, but those remaining set up concealed camps throughout the forest. Bloody guerilla warfare was waged between the followers of Siyanna and Suknuru, until finally Tamai and his group was expelled from the Annukai jungles.

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