Anime Web Turnpike
Anime Web Turnpike
: your first stop for anime information!

So You Want To Learn Japanese: a must-read before embarking on any Japanese-learning venture.

Japanese <-> English Dictionary: that said, here's a dictionary for ya :P

Anime Forest: Rent Anime Online
Anime Forest (Rent Anime Online)
: hey, it's cheaper than buying it.

Laws of Anime: this is downright classic.

Absolute Anime: a mind-bogglingly thorough site that covers countless series and the characters therein.

Point Blank: Anime Reviews
Point Blank: Anime Reviews
: I don't always agree with them, but they're a great reference!

Shonen Anime
Shonen Anime
: fun site with information on great shonen anime and manga.

Seiyuu (voice actor) Database: if you're a REAL anime fan, you care about the Japanese voice actors!

Anime Galleries dot NET: Search, Send ePostcards, Rate Images, Leave Comments
Anime Galleries dot Net
: a massive, interactive anime gallery where you can upload images, rate images, leave comments, and more!

Anime Quote Database (AQDB): place where you can search for or submit your favorite anime quotes.

Cheeseball & Sugarcube
Cheeseball & Sugarcube
: a site of art, stories, favorites lists, fun games, and manga scanslation projects!

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Slayers Universe (Fansite): the site might be frozen, but it's still the best Slayers resource on the web.

The Slayers Vault
The Slayers Vault (Fansite)
: another great Slayers site.

Maze Castle: Your Ultimate Source for Yu Yu Hakusho
Maze Castle
: yah, this is your one-stop Yu Yu Hakusho info/media site right here.

Devil May Cry: THE ANIME!!

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel (A Shrine to Angel Sanctuary)
: a beautiful shrine to Angel Sanctuary, and particularly Lucifer.

Kinryoku :: an angel sanctuary webpage
: a great source of information about Angel Sanctuary.

Rakuen's Requiem
Rakuen's Requiem (Wolf's Rain Fansite)
: information about Wolf's Rain.

NarutoFan: Your #1 Naruto Anime & Manga Resource
NarutoFan (Fansite)
: #1 for all things Naruto!

Shinobi Central
Shinobi Central (Fansite)
: tons of information about the Naruto series, including an interactive gallery.
Site owner has stopped updating, though.

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Bishonen no Miko's Shrine of Bishonen
Bishounen no Miko's Shrine of Bishounen
: information on and pictures of many, Many, MANY anime prettyboys!

::Tenken no Soujiro:: a Soujirou Seta Shrine
::Tenken no Soujiro:: a Soujirou Seta Shrine
: a shrine to one of my favorite anime guys.

The Ultimate Zelgadis Shrine: the one, the only, Zelgadis-sama! <(((_<>))>

Animated Lust (Rated PG!)
Animated Lust (Rated PG!)
: a page that does not discriminate between the East and the West!

Fox Spirit: A Shrine to Shuiichi Kurama
Fox Spirit
: a sweet little shrine to Shuiichi Kurama.

: a Spanish site with the most dazzling Kurama+Hiei Doujinshi I have ever seen.

Flowers of Blood
Flowers of Blood v5.0
: an aptly named Kurama shrine with tons of pictures and info. Perhaps most importantly, it has scanslations of the manga Two Shots - the short story of how Kurama and Hiei met!

Hiei & Kurama's Den
Hiei & Kurama's Den
: Yaoi fanfiction and fanart and much more! Includes copious image galleries and a hillarious page displaying the evidence for Hiei and Kurama's love for one another.

Immortal Flame: A Ningen Girl's Infatuation with Hiei!
Immortal Flame
: a human girl's infatuation with Hiei, and who could blame her? Don't forget to visit the "Dear Hiei..." and "Dear Kurama..." sections! ^_~

Reflections: Ou Eki & Taikoubou Shrine
: Ou Eki and Taikoubou shrine with image gallery and lots of information on Paopei.

: a shrine to Bleach's Kurosaki Ichigo.

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