Defenders of Wildlife
Defenders of Wildlife
: an organization I donate to.

VeganAdam: a growing community for Vegans!

Rate My Kitten: how can you not give them all 10's??

Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations: stop the anorexic insanity!

HowStuffWorks: ever wonder how stuff works?

Tickle by Emode: fun tests.

YouTube: a community with tons of random videos of everything under the sun and moon.

Wikipedia: free online encyclopedia.

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eBay: if it's sold anywhere, you can probably get it here for less.

: product reviews are a good thing!

Special Promotion #1
Overstock.com: brand new books, movies, music, you-name-it at possibly the lowest prices I've ever seen!

Best Prices: big savings on movies!

Deep Discount DVD: same as above, except they don't charge shipping cost.

Tate & Co: Collectibles for the Imagination
Tate & Co.
: whether you're looking for faeries, mermaids, dragons, pewter stuff, or even t-shirts, you can find many beautiful collectibles here!

SoyQuick: a great place to get your very own soymilk maker and/or tofu kit!

Medieval Weapon Art: one of the largest collections of high quality swords and daggers on the internet!

SwordsOnline: a great selection of swords, weapons, collectibles and more!

Silk4You: colorful selection of Chinese silk merchandise, easy shopping.

GoodOrient: another good place to get silk clothing and other Eastern merchandise.

Spooky Boutique: wide selection of gothic clothing and accessories. On-site music!

Think Geek
Think Geek
: stuff for smart masses.

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HTML Goodies: offers friendly, easy-to-follow tutorials on HTML, JavaScripting, ASP and more!!

Startingwebmaster: free webmaster directory.

PHP Manual: the definitive manual for writing PHP code.

php.faqts: hundreds of questions answered!

Humpty's Dump 2.0: has a collection of ASP.NET controls, including an anti-spam link, frame, and menu controls.

CSS Layout Techniques: techniques, resources, and tutorials about Cascading Style Sheets.

MouseOver Function: the many ways to use it!

Gifanimations.com: the largest collection of free animated gifs, graphic animations, icons, and clipart!

feeblemind free animated gifs and clipart
Feebleminds Free Animated Gifs
: an awesome collection of free gifs and other graphics, such as beautiful artwork.

GIFWorks!: free online GIF eTools!

MSDN Library: contains a bounty of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.

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