Internet Movie Database (IMDB): search a huge movie database by titles, people, quotes, bios, etc, etc.

Hong Kong Movie Database (HKMD): a database of Hong Kong cinema.

Moviefone: want to know what movie is playing when and where? This is my first stop. the place I got for movie information, links to official websites, and trailers.

Rotten Tomatoes: another good source for movies.

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Kung Fu Cult Cinema
Kung Fu Cult Cinema
: coverage and reviews of previous and recent films from the world of Asian Cinema.

Star Wars (Official Movie Site): need I say more?

Lord of the Rings (Official Movie Site): the name says it all! Mild on-site music. (Fansite): everything you will ever need regarding Lord of the Rings.

Pythonline (Official Site): Monty Python central.

Nightmare on Elm Street (Official Site): movies starring the one and only Freddy Kreuger.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Companion (Fansite): your ultimate resource on everything Freddy.

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Johnny Depp Fan
Johnny Depp Fan (Fansite)
: a site where fans from around the world gather to pool their precious Depp resources.

Johnny Depp Zone (Fansite): a great site on Johnny Depp. Don't forget to check out the Fun section!

Jet Li (Official Website): check it out for news on Jet Li, his movies, his causes, and his philosophies on life.

Donnie Yen (Official Website): click for news on Donnie Yen, his movies, his causes, and his philosophies on life.

Jackie Chan (Official Website): go here for news on Jackie Chan, his movies... well, you get the idea. Mild on-site music.

Bruce Campbell Online: the man who puts the B into B-movie! Hail to the King, baby ^^;

The Elijah Wood Fan Network (Fansite): can he be any more perfect?

Always & Forever: Elijah Wood
Always & Forever: Elijah Wood (Fansite)
: the drool-fest continues.

Street Fighter: Tak Sakaguchi fansite & fanlisting
Street Fighter
: fansite and fanslisting for Taku Sakaguchi, the badass star of Versus!! Has a large gallery of rare pictures... *drool*

Official Tak Sakaguchi MySpace: LOTS of rare pictures here!! =D

The CillianSite
The CillianSite
: beautiful page dedicated to this beautiful and talented Irish actor.

Not What You'd Expect (Tatsuya Fujiwara)
: they don't get any prettier than this!

Pure Moon: Masanobu Ando's Unofficial Website
Pure Moon (Masanobu Ando)
: or do they?

The Orlando Bloom Files
The Orlando Bloom Files (Fansite)
: satisfy all your cravings for Orlando Bloom right here.

Ryan Reynolds Unofficial Fansite
Ryan Reynolds Unofficial Fansite
: isn't he adorable??

Jonathan Brandis Archive: my childhood obsession, may he RIP...

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