Enya (Official Site): catch up on the news and music of Enya here. Optional on-site music!

HeartMagic - the music of Gary Stadler (Official Site): the enchanting music and art of Gary Stadler!

Patrick Ball: one of the world's finest harpers and storytellers, who keeps the Celtic spirit alive by mastering the true ancient harp as opposed to popular modern one.

Deep Six Abandon (D6A): with information on the music of Narcoma, Absolute 0, Blood Stained Lust, and Deep Six Abandon.

The Birthday Massacre: a group that blends gothic rock with the 80's. Optional on-site music!

Nightwish Official Site
: spellbinding gothic rock with a mystical, medieval feel.

E Nomine: mixing German, Latin, and Gregorian chants, this band has a vast range stretching from heavy metal to relaxation.

The Emmys: the big music award show... yah....

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