Legomancy's XENA Pages (Fansite): still the oldest Xena site on the web!

Xena Fight: The Ultimate Xena Page
Xena Fight (Fansite)
: episode summaries, character bios, galleries, games, and tons more!

Xena Online Recources (Fansite): hundreds of Xena sites organized into neat little categories.

The Outer Limits (Official Site): fun flash site of my favorite show! Mild on-site music.

Lexx (Official Site): get your naked pics of the cast right here! On-site music!

Comedy Central: one of the few channels I watch on a regular basis!

Sci Fi Channel: another one of the few channels I watch on a regular basis!

The Daily Show (Official Site): got news?

South Park: 4 angry kids, 1 small town.

South Park Studio: make your own South Park character!

Seinfeld (Official Site): Yada, Yada, Yada..... Mild on-site music.

The Sopranos (Official Site): the mobsters next door.

The Sopranos - Family Values
The Sopranos - Family Values (Fansite)
: sound bites, galleries, episode guides, cast bios, and merchandise of the show.

3rd Rock from the Sun (Official Site): beware the blinding colors! Mild on-site music.

Saturday Night Live (Official Site): find the latest news on SNL here.

The Oscars: the Superbowl of movies!

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Golden Globes): gives away more awards than the Oscars... in less time!

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