Well, this is basically my excuse to dedicate a page to Sunshine's brilliant young science advisor, Dr. Brian Cox. I can listen to him talk science all day! *_* I mean look at him - just LOOK at him!! That is the face of modern science!

I love him because he throws all popular stereotypes of what a scientist is supposed to be. In his own words, "the view of Physicists, and the view of Scientists in general, is that they're very logical, very cold people. And that's not the case!"

He's such a great role model for me because he IS Capa... except he smiles more and has a better sense of humor, heh. In fact, when my friend asked me if I'd rather meet Cillian Murphy or Brian Cox, I said Brian Cox. We'd just have more to talk about!

He is simply an incredible person and a great inspiration for my own desires to go into the scientific field.

He works for CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, located in the scientific capital of the world: Geneva, Switzerland. As we speak, he is part of the most ambitious, the most expensive, and the most important scientific experiment ever conceived: a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider. The 27km-long LHC will potentially be able to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang! How cool is that?!

Brian Cox did a DVD commentary for Sunshine that the SciFi Channel rated higher than the movie itself. SciFi Channel also interviewed Brian about the commentary, the movie, and his life in general. It is a great read! Some highlights:

"Well, the thing is, not many of the ones who are actually at the cutting edge of research are [old men with crazy, out of control, grey hair]. It's always been a young persons game really - when it comes to making big advances. Even Einstein."

"There's a particular type of person I enjoy working with in science - all those went to see Sunshine and loved it. They thought that the portrayal of the physicist was wonderful and the emotional impact that science can have on you - the real reason you want to be a scientist - they found that really vivid in the film and enjoyed it a lot."

"These guys that get really pedantic are really, I think, missing the point about what science is all about. It's about precision, when you're doing it. So when you're doing research it's all about precision and attention to detail and that's the difficult bit, and that's what you learn how to do. But deciding what research field you want to do, and having really good ideas about what to go and measure, and what to try and find out, that's a creative process. I think a lot of the pedants kinda miss that."

"I think, for a lot of people, it's the same motivation for being religious. A lot of people like certainty and they'll chose a belief system that gives them certainty so that they can live within it and feel comfortable. I think that science can do that, if you're not careful. And it shouldn't do that. Science is all about going to the places where you are uncertain - that's the point."

And now, here is my collection of Brian Cox YouTube videos:

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