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SunshineDNA Blog
: official movie blog with lots of videos, pictures, and downloads.

SunshineFan Online
SunshineFan Online
: a huge fansite with tons of information, articles, a massive gallery, and active forums.

International Sunshine site: the official movie site.

UK Sunshine site: the official Sunshine site for the United Kingdom.

Which Member of the Icarus II Crew Are You?: fun quiz. I'm Capa.


The CillianSite
The CillianSite: a very well-organized fan site to Cillian Murphy with extensive galleries.

: the ultimate Cillian Murphy site, with galleries, multimedia, press archive, etc.

Cillian Murphy Fan
Cillian Murphy Fan: a lot of quirky, detailed information, like a whole section dedicated to Cillian's eyes.

Interview With Dr. Brian Cox: the Sci-Fi Channel interviews Brian about his DVD commentary and CERN work.

The Michelle Yeoh Connection: a fan site dedicated to the beautiful Kung Fu Queen Michelle Yeoh.

Cliff Curtis: a fan site dedicated to the extremely talented ethnic chameleon Cliff Curtis.

Chris Evans Web: a fan site dedicated to Chris Evans.

Sanada Hiroyuki Inspired Nuances: the flash intro is beautiful but long. Hang tight, it'll be worth it!

Rose Connection: a fan site dedicated to Rose Byrne.

Transcending Troy: a fan site dedicated to Try Garity.


NASA: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (of the United States).

SOHO: the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

CERN: the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

Science@NASA: the latest in space science headlines!

Science Daily: your source for the latest research news. Be sure to check out their Astrophysics section!

Astronomy Picture of the Day: start your day off right!

HubbleSite: a webpage for the Hubble Telescope.

SLOOH: control powerful telescopes and explore deep space from the comforts of your own home.

An Atlas of the Universe: a fascinating map of the visible universe up to 14 billion light years from the Sun.

Archaeoastronomy: featuring the coolest solar holiday map I've ever seen!

Solar Energy: the basics of how Solar Energy through photovoltaics works.