Fantasy Art: elves, faeries, deities, etc
Sci-Fi Art: angels, aliens, deities, native american, southwest
Fan Art: anime, Drizzt, games, Lord of the Rings, Jedi, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Artwork: fantasy, sci-fi, fan art

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A Little Introduction...

I've been drawing for as long as I could remember. I took my first art class when I was six years old, and walked out on it that same day because they told us to draw a forest. I didn't feel like drawing a forest. I was never good at drawing what others told me to, only what I truly wanted to. Oh I doodle a lot, but it still takes me a gigantic amount of inspiration to actually sit down and commit to drawing a formal picture. Drawing is incredibly draining for me, so I can only do so in rare windows of intense passion about a subject, using this fountain of energy to carry me through the process of putting it down on real or virtual paper.

I've always had my own style, but I learned to draw from Disney cartoons. The influence Disney had on my style was quite strong, and is evident by how happy everybody looks in my older pictures. Nowadays I try to draw darker stuff. They still tend to look happy or not as dark as I'd like, but I'm getting better. Japanese animation is the most notable influence on my style the past few years, which basically means that my people tend to look a lot younger than they should and the guys look like girls. But I like them a lot better that way. ^_^

My preferred medium is either markers & colored pencils or digital art, although watercolors are one medium I've always wanted to learn. I never draw what I see (there are cameras for that :P), but only draw what I envision with my mind's eye in my attempts to bridge the gap between the tangible world of the ordinary with the intangible world of magic and dreams. As such my primary inspirations are faery tales, myths, and most prominently, my own stories. It is very very rare to catch me drawing something without an extensive story behind it.

So without further adieu, here's the list of the Art galleries, and why I organized them the way I did...



Gallery Index

Fantasy Art:
Fantasy Art
This gallery contains those pictures pertaining to my inner reality, that is, things I believe exist inside me. Mostly this means stuff pertaining to my Caldora and Lossi story worlds, but occasionally it contains pictures with simply abstract symbolism.

It is divided into the sections of Elves, Deities, and Miscellaneous

Sci-Fi Art:
Sci-Fi Art
This gallery contains those pictures pertaining to my outer reality, that is, things I believe exist outside me... such as you. This also includes my past lives and more cosmic-oriented stories that I believe either happened, are reminiscent of something that happened, or are symbolic of something that happened.

It is divided into the sections of Aliens, Deities & Apocalyptic, Angels, Black Panther story, Native American, and Miscellaneous

Fan Art:
Fan Art
This gallery contains those pictures pertaining to others' realities as interpreted by me. If the world, the character, or the story is not of my making, you would find it here. I rarely get inspired by another's creations, so those I imitate here have my highest of admirations.

It is divided into the sections of Drizzt & Co., Anime, Games, and Miscellaneous

The very misleading Wallpapers gallery contains the masterpieces of the dreamers who shaped our Earth; Mother Nature's own self-expression which sets the precedent for what art really is. Personally, I consider photography plagiarizing God/dess, but since I give it full credit I hope it can forgive me. ^_~ Pictures alone do these lands no justice. To get the full effect you will have visit them yourselves!

It is divided into sections of Canyons, Deserts, Mountains, Oceans, Sky, Water, Waterfalls, Woodlands, and Miscellaneous




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