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Here you may find a list of web awards I have received...


Fantasy Fights Crown Web Award Winner 2004

My very first award!! ^_^ Thank you! =D

Little Shy's Diamond Award

See how that shiny crown sparkles!
Truly if there are virtual diamonds,
these would be it! Thank you!

Little Shy's Excellence Award

How could you not get mesmerized by the
dazzling beauty of this award! Thank you so much ^_^

Little Shy's Creative Site Award

I love kitty cats, and Karl Bang's art is
absolutely breathtaking! Thank you!!

Dream Island's Fantastic Site Award

Thank you very much for
such a lovely award!

Paulina's Playground Classy Site Award

I'm very honored to receive this award!
Thank you!

Paulina's Playground Enchanting Site Award

What a beautifully
soothing award! Thank you!

Circe's Place Enchanting Site Award

Those sparks are sheer magic! Thank you!

World of Froud Artist of the Month for October 2004

Ohmigod! Ohmigod!! Ohmigod!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Brian Froud is my favorite artist!!
*faints *

Art Space 2000 World Web Award 2004-2005

Yay! Thank you! =D

Pier Rat's Fantasy Site Award

What a fantastic mermaid, thank you!

Lavenderwater's Magical Website Award 2004

I can't get enough of this beautiful faery mural!
Thank you!

Ldy-Icedragon's Most Creative Site Award

Woohoo! I love dragons! And blue is my favorite color!

Ldy-Icedragon's Most Mystical Site Award

I can't believe I'm finally qualifying for
"mystical" awards! Thank you!

Black Triangle UFO Roma Gold Award

Thank you for the Gold award! =D

My World's Wiccan Excellence Award

And now I'm qualifying for Wiccan awards
too! =D Can't take my eyes off this one,
thank you!

Elena's Excellent Fantasy Site Award

Thank you very much!

Chateau de la Mort's Dreamer Award

It is an enormous honor to receive this
award! Thank you very much!

Desert Moon Art Creativity Award

Thank you for this
beautiful award!
Desert imagery is
very close to my heart.

Black Triangle UFO Roma Fantasy Future Award

It glows with magic! Thank you!

The Unicorn and the Jorge's Top Fantasy Site Award

Thank you very much for this award!
The picture is so nostalgic!

Anita Lee's Award of Excellence

What a fey-borne award! Thank you! *_*

Magickal Dragon Dreams Sweet Site Award

It is always a flattering surprise to receive such an award,
thank you!







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