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Hawk Symbols

I'm really fascinated by the various symbols of the Hawk we see in the manga.

There's the symbol that the Holy See had for centuries:

I think it's very obviously the symbol of Griffith's rebirth through a Behelit, but I've been wondering what the two spheres at the end of the spirals symbolize. The duality of Hawk of Light/Darkness? Guts and Caska? Something else?

We have a symbol of the crucified Hawk of Light:

And also of the Hawk of Darkness, revealed to the cultists by Slan:

Most awesome of all we have the Hawk of Flesh:

Complete with Eggman as the Behelit he is reborn through:

I think this is the most literal image of the Holy See symbol. Here, what are spheres in the abstract symbols are shown as skulls. It really captures the rebirth ceremony beautifully. ^_^

And the Hawk of Fire, hehe. Don't think it means anything special, but it's cool-looking:

Runaway Dream Griffith & the God Hand Griffith Invictus
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