WARNING #1: This essay contains gigantic SPOILERS all the way through VOLUME 13 of BERSERK!!
WARNING #2: If you can't handle the idea that Griffith might like Guts as... more than a friend... save yourself the trauma and stop reading now!!
WARNING #3: The essay is VERY graphic-intensive, so loading the pages might take a bit!!
WARNING #4: Berserk is a very explicit series, so the afore-mentioned graphics contain violence, gore, and nudity!!
WARNING #5: Do not read the addendum to the essay, Griffith Invictus, if you're uncomfortable with moral ambiguity!

Many of you might know Griffith as the guy who sacrificed his trusting friends to demons in order become a god, and topped it off by raping his best friendís girlfriend. And, well, thatís all true!! But how did things go so horribly wrong?? Extraordinary tragedies require extraordinary circumstances. Was Griffith always a demon masquerading as an angel? Or was he simply... human? This essay attempts to answer that question by tracing back the events that led to his ultimate decision.

I call it an essay, but it's really a commentary on the manga, so the following pages feature A LOT of manga scans. Make sure you read each panel RIGHT<<<TO<<<LEFT!!
Now, as far as my chosen Layout: if there are two columns of pictures on a page, each column is usually a separate scene. The left column is usually reserved for my commentary and any manga pictures directly related to a quote. The right column is usually reserved for longer scenes. Sometimes it's the other way around, or completely random. Good luck!!

NOTE ON THE TRANSLATION: Unless otherwise specified, the lines I quote are from the official Dark Horse release of Berserk. However, I also provide visuals of the same scenes with a fan translation by The Band of the Hawk. The Dark Horse translation is much more accurate. Also, I like to cross-reference translations, so here is a third source.

Griffith Invictus
"Invictus" is Latin for unconquered or undefeated, and it sums up my view of Griffith rather well. Here you will find my more radical thoughts about Berserk's cosmology, post-Eclipse Griffith, and even some philosophical ramblings. I fully acknowledge that there are many ways to see Berserk. Everybody will get something unique and personal out of the story, which is a testament to the depth and greatness of Berserk. I present my interpretation(s) because I think it is a perspective that's rarely considered. Even if you disagree with it, I hope you still find it interesting.

It is compiled from what I consider my most important posts on The Black Swordsman forum, and links are provided to view the posts within the context of their discussion thread. Since these posts were made an indefinite amount of time apart from each other, the same information is at times repeated, but each of them have a piece of information the others don't.

WARNING: the following has rampant SPOILERS all through the CURRENT JAPANESE RELEASE of the manga!!

The Human God/Idea of Evil
Manga Evidence (Short)
Manga Evidence (Long)
Not Actually "Evil"
Both God & Satan: Holistic
Sub/Conscious Consent & Voting System
Humanity's Deepest Desires, including Suffering
People Want Suffering
No Agenda: both Human God & Griffith
Griffith & the God Hand
Role in the Berserk World
Old/New Testament Schism, Ganishka as Anti-Christ
Hawk of Light & Darkness: Hawk Symbols
Age of Darkness
Not Bored with Kingdom
Quality of Kingdom/Cares About People
Myth of Selfishness & Blame
Myth of Deception
Will Not Sabotage Own Dream
Sacrificing his Subjects
Apostles: Driven to Obey God Hand
Apostle/God Hand Feelings
Griffith & Guts: Endings
Griffith & Guts: Flaws
Fate, Free Will, Miscellaneous
Fate: God's Will
Guts' Desires
Rape of Caska
Behelits: Can Sacrifices Use Them?
Good & Evil
Free Will
Want & Need
Debate Priorities
Suicide & Rationality
Griffith & Followers
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DISCLAIMER: Berserk and all the characters, story, and art therein is copyright Kentaro Miura. No copyright infringement is intended, and I hope that this essay inspires more people to read/watch Berserk! Translation in the text is by Dark Horse, translation in the images is by The Band of the Hawk, unless otherwise specified.