Band of the Hawk Vol. 6 Ch. 10

“It was as if the image of some Saint adorning the wall of my village church had just come to life. He was awe-inspiring... an otherworldly spectacle..” Caska, Vol. 6 Ch. 10

To call Griffith charismatic is an understatement. He shone with a supernatural aura that beguiled men and women, Kings and Princesses alike. He was very beautiful, and he certainly knew how to use his physical assets to his advantage, but it went beyond than that. He was nothing short of a savior to his men and inspired worship.

Vol. 5 Ch. 2

“All of us are here because of his charisma.” Judeau, Vol. 5 Ch. 2

Griffith’s spirit was a beacon to all the lesser beings fumbling in the dark, and they were drawn to him like moths to a flame. It did not take him long to amass a crowd of loyal followers. They started out as thieves to raise war funds, but quickly progressed to mercenaries, and later to a full-fledged army. These were the Band of the Hawk, and Griffith was the White Hawk himself. His skill with the sword was outdone only by the vastness of his tactical intellect. Though the Hawks were average in their own right, under Griffith’s command they transformed into an invincible force nicknamed the Grim Reapers of the Battlefield for their flawless strategy. But that was not their only way they differed from other armies.

Vol. 5 Ch. 2

“While we do spend every blood-filled day killing and being killed, it's strange, but we can also cry, laugh, get angry, whatever.” Judeau, Vol. 5 Ch. 2

The Hawks were very human. Despite the fact that they came from all walks of life, and many different backgrounds, they remained a family of good friends that cared about one another. More than anything, they were bound by a shared belief in Griffith’s dream and the promise of a better life.

“Does being born of the nobility mean that you're chosen by God?” Griffith, Vol. 6 Ch. 10

Griffith stood for equality. Although his crusade was his own, he served as a living example that if you want something badly enough, you can be delivered from social injustice. Griffith did not discriminate between rich and poor, young and old, men and women. He used everyone equally! He gave every individual the opportunity to prove their worth. Griffith was perhaps the only one in all of Midland to have a woman in his army. And not just in his army, but as his second in command. Besides, if he saw women as helpless, he would have rescued Caska from the noble that tried to rape her himself instead of throwing her a sword.

“Whether you come along or not is your decision.” Griffith, Vol. 6 Ch. 10

Unlike the fear-driven minions of standard armies, the Band of the Hawk followed Griffith out of love and admiration. Every single one of them chose to be there. He did not need to use force to implement his commands because they trusted him completely – with their lives, with their hopes, with their futures. Yet still he could seem unknowable to even his closest confidants.

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