Guts is Special II

"When Griffith decided to send out a search party to find you two, the nobles around him strongly opposed his decision for various reasons. But Griffith said, and plainly, 'Those two are vital to the Band of the Hawk. I will not lose them.' That's a big deal, him saying all that. Truthfully, I am a tad jealous." Judeau, Vol. 7 Ch. 5

Time and time again Griffith went out of his way to make exceptions for Guts, even when it would have been more advantageous for him not to. When Guts and Caska were stranded at the bottom of a ravine and surrounded by enemies, Griffith sent a rescue party after them. This created tension between Generals and, to a much lesser degree, among the Hawks. They were not used to Griffith paying such special attention to anyone.

"Griffith's come back!! He said he heard you two were safe and advanced his schedule a day!" Rickert, Vol. 7 Ch. 6

Once Griffith started concentrating on climbing the social ladder, he had considerably less time to spend with his troops. "Those officials all think they can gain favor by appearing to care for a wounded man day after day. It's enough to make me sick. But, oh well, it can't be helped. It's absolutely necessary in order to gain status in this kingdom." The Hawks accepted this explanation, since they could see the wisdom in it, and it did help them gain rank in the royal court. But Griffith was even willing to cut short the important business of mingling with the nobles when he heard that Guts and Caska were found.

"You're the first person I've ever spoken to like this." Griffith, Vol. 3 Ch. 3

Griffith liked spending time with Guts. Guts took Caska's place as Griffiths closest confidant, and spent more time alone with him than anyone. But Griffith talked with Guts... well, at Guts... about topics he never felt comfortable talking with anyone else. He shared his deepest thoughts on destiny, morality, and the nature of reality.

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