Femto: the Wings of Darkness  
"Still squirming around in your pitiful existence, I see." Femto, Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Femto is trying hard to play the part of his new persona. At least he's got the mocking part down! He found his calling in life, and it was greater than he ever dreamed of. His delusions of grandeur have become a reality. I think he truly wants to figure out what he can do for this world.

"His petty existence is beneath our notice." Femto, Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Now, obviously Griffith didn't think that before. So what happened? Is he in denial, still frustrated by his weakness? Has he truly cut off his emotional ties, or did he just bury them again?

"My petty existence...? Don't make me laugh! You're where you are now thanks to this petty existence. Thanks to me, who's fighting an army of the dead because of you...!! Thanks to me, who's writhing around in my own blood!! You stand there putting on airs like you're some kind of godly being!!" Guts, Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Well, I'd say they're both a little bitter at each other, with good reasons.

"Yes, you're nothing but a squirming, sacrificial offering." Femto, Vol. 3 Ch. 2

Translated as: "You distracted me from my dream and ruined my life, but at least you were useful for getting me these nifty wings, even though you didn't actually die." Is Femto challenging Guts? Protecting him? Ignoring him? I really can't tell. Perhaps Griffith's traumatic experiences as a mortal and then in the spirit realm warped his psyche so much that such relatively petty things don't concern him anymore. But, frankly, it's very hard to make excuses for Femto.

"Such beauty... It touches me. Love, Hatred, Pain, Pleasure, Life, Death. All are there. This is to be human. This is to be Evil." Slan, Vol. 13 Ch. 7

And yet, Femto is not entirely devoid of emotion. He is filled with the melting pot of mortal desires that fuels the Idea of Evil. He also has his own memories, and is motivated by much the same things as human Griffith was, albeit in more twisted ways. The fact that he makes such a big deal over forcing Guts to watch him rape Caska is in itself an indication of feelings. I mean, he barely broke eye contact with Guts throughout that entire scene! As Slan eloquently explains, it is moments like these that show the full spectrum of what it means to be human. The God Hand, as enforcers of humanity's will, have a very intimate relationship with the mass consciousness of the species. In this way, they are perhaps more human than the individual humans themselves.

Griffith/Femto is definitely set up to do great things in the manga. There was too much effort put into the development of his personality, his history, and his relationship with Guts and Caska to have him flatline into a purely evil character. Dare I say he is a lot like Anakin/Darth Vader in Star Wars? Perhaps he is meant to unify the Light and Dark sides of the Force! There is still struggle inside him. And if there isn't now, there will be. I believe his dual nature will decide the fate of the Berserk universe.

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