Rescue Party

This can't... be... It can't be Griffith...” Guts, Vol. 10 Ch. 7

Indeed, when the Hawks’ rescue party broke into his cell, Guts was the only thing Griffith responded to. His first impulse was to strangle him, but when Guts broke down sobbing and embraced him, any bitterness Griffith clung to seemed to melt away in a resurgence of warmth. His beloved friend had come back for him, and he was relieved to simply hug and hold his hand. Their touching reunion was cut short by the prison’s grotesque Warden, who was kind enough to explain what Griffith and he have been up to the past year.

“Firsht, to keep him from running away, I cut the tendonsh in hish armsh and legsh. Then whenever he washn't eating or shleeping, I'd take off hish shkin and nailsh. I'd ushe hot ironsh, boiling water, you name it. Thish pasht year, I've sheen to him conshtantly, like we were hushband and wife. I'm alsho the one who'd nurshe him sho he wouldn't die. You couldn't shplit ush apart, we wash sho closhe.” Warden, Vol. 10 Ch. 7

The most important consequence of this was that Griffith could no longer walk or hold a sword. But wait, there’s more!

“And you know. When you're ash professional a torturer ash I am, beauty ishn't jusht shkin deep. When I peel the shkin away, I can recognize the beauty of mshcles and blood vesshels too. Oh, I wash sho moved. When I opened up that beautiful fasche, the pink mushcle that peeked out at me from the wound... His shkin and flesh are one in a hundred... No, one in a thoushand.” Warden, Vol. 10 Ch. 7

And to top it off...

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Thish is the besht part of my collection. Look. Eeheehee. Thish, thish. My good-luck charm. A tongue. Hish tongue...” Warden, Vol. 10 Ch. 7

I’m sure he could’ve gone on and on, but at that point Guts snapped and rammed straight through the door to impale him on a wall with his sword.

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