Crouching Waiter, Hidden Chef
Year: 2003
Length: 6min 39sec
Role: Chef
Crouching Waiter, Hidden Chef

This is a short found on a compilation DVD called "Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting," or you can see it online HERE. Dan pretty much denies involvement in the movie, and who can blame him? It's certainly not his *ahem* best work. I was embarrassed for him just watching it. :P But, if you're not easily offended by Asian stereotypes, it can be rather amusing.

Basically, two guys walk into a Chinese restaurant and act like morons to the Waiter. They reference Kung Fu movies, make Bruce Lee noises, talk in a fake Asian accent, the whole deal. The Waiter puts up with it and brings them what they ordered, but it's cold, so the guys tell him to either get them some hot food or they're not paying. The Waiter goes to tell the Chef, and comes back to tell them the Chef says they must pay. The guys tell the Waiter to get the Chef out here to apologize to them.

Dan plays the psychotic Chef, and makes scary faces that make him look nothing like himself. ^_^;; He comes out wielding a shiny cleaver and insists that they "MUST A PAY!!" The guys take one look at him and run screaming. Chef chases after them swinging the cleaver, occasionally being interrupted by the Waiter who tries to explain that the customer is always right.

My favorite part is at the very end, after Chef throws one of the guys into a table and stands over him in this slow motion roar... and it cuts to behind the scenes footage where Dan is suddenly Dan again, checking up on the fallen guy asking "awwh, dude, are you alright?" XD


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