Voices of Devil May Cry...
I always loved Reuben and Dan. In my mind, nobody else could do Dante and Vergil more perfectly than they did in Devil May Cry 3. I have watched numerous videos of Reuben's motion capture and he IS Dante! But I have never thought of them as anything besides voices and movements until I actually met them at Tales of Anime 2007. It was one of the best experiences of my life! They are amazing people in their own right and have left a lasting impression on me. It is about time they get their own page!
Reuben & Dan & I
For what it's like to meet them from a crazy fangirl perspective, read my photo/video blog:
Tales of Anime: The Novel!

Aside from their roles in DMC3 and 4, they have also done work for Power Rangers, various movies, shorts, and commercials. I try to gather what I can of it here, including Image Galleries of screenshots whenever possible.


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