U.S. Seals 2
Year: 2001
Length: 94 min.
Role: Finley
U.S. Seals 2: Ultimate Force

I wasn't even certain I got the right movie. The first thing I did was fast forward through it just to make sure Dan is actually in it. When it finally got to him about a half hour in, I stopped and stared... wow, just plain WOW. There were two rows of prisoners in matching orange suits digging outside, and Dan was the only one without a shirt on... swinging his pickaxe, wiping sweat off, the whole shebang! But that wasn't the "wow" part. He was facing the camera! Sweet jeebus he was ACTUALLY FACING THE CAMERA!! He got his own close up shot... and he was breathtaking!! *_* This was looking very promising.

The movie itself wasn't half bad either. Sure it was low budget and corny as hell, but that's what made it entertaining! It was the closest I've seen a US movie come to a Hong Kong action flick. The premise was pretty simple: evil dude kidnaps a nuclear physicist and threatens to launch nuclear warheads unless he gets paid a crapload of money, and a team of US Seals are dispatched to stop him. What's the catch? The entire island evil dude is on is full of a special kind of gas - harmless to inhale, but the slightest spark sets the whole thing ablaze. That's right, you can't use guns (YAY!!), so they bring in a team of the best fighters they could find.

Dan played Finley, and it turns out he's actually a very decent side character. Finley's also very Christian, though, which was kind of annoying, since he was constantly either holding, kissing, or quoting scripture to his cross necklace. That's ok, though, cause he is absolutely gorgeous with that haircut and his voice was particularly wonderful here. It's notable that the movie also has Hakim Alston, the guy I call the "Lion Fighter" from Mortal Kombat. He's pretty cool.

Everything was going very well for Finley... until he stepped into a steel trap (yes, the one barely touching his foot). How he managed to randomly step on a steel trap in the middle of a military base I have no idea. Nobody else stepped in one or even saw one again. It's like he was too good and they had to give him a handicap. O.o Then like 30 enemy guys showed up and I knew Finley wasn't going to last much longer. But... he sorta did... That is, his team of six people were holding up pretty well against the odds... until the girl ran off someplace, and the guy that liked her ran after her, and then Hakim and the guy with the air gun split up and I was just like "WTF, don't leave Finley wounded to fight 30 guys!!" XD

*sigh* It wasn't long before one of the main bad guys showed up, and it was downhill from there. Finley fought with chains and his opponent fought with a... scarf? It was a pretty even match and Finley was doing good until scarf guy caught on to the fact that his right leg was wounded... and he kept hitting him there. And... yeah... that didn't work out too well for Finley. ~_~;; Still, fun movie. Fun enough that I kept watching even after Finley died!

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