(Missions 2 & 16)

I love Berial. If it wasn't for Dante, he's be my favorite boss in DMC4! Some bosses come after you, some bosses run away from you... Berial just doesn't care! He's big, he's slow, and he'll just stomp around aimlessly unless he's trying to swat your sword out of his face. Besides, he probably has bigger things to worry about... such as the fact that he's ON FIRE. Sometimes it's a good idea to shoot at him to, like, remind him you're still there. It can save you the trouble of running halfway across the stage when he wanders too far, hehehe.

When Nero first meets him, Berial politely tells him to not get in the way of his Godzilla-like rampage on the town. Nero refuses, and blocks Berial's giant claymore with his flimsy sword. There follows a tense moment, much like after a samurai duel when you're not quite sure who won until one person falls to pieces. I half expected Nero to vaporize from the impact, but sadly that didn't happen.  

As for Dante, he sat swinging on Berial's tail for quite a while before the flaming behemoth noticed his presence. Dante receives the Lucifer weapon for defeating Berial.

Anyway, fighting Berial is pretty straightforward. Target his head and spam him with aerial combos! It's probably safer to aim for the back of his head, but it's not as fun. You can also slash his body from the ground as he walks.

When Berial is enveloped in his fiery aura he is less vulnerable to attack. Continue attacking him, and once you've chipped away enough of his hit points, the flames will die out and he will become even more disoriented and/or collapse on the ground. If you're playing as NERO, this is your chance to Snatch your way towards his head with Devil Bringer and Buster his horns. Nero will slam him into the ground or swing him far away. If you're playing as DANTE, keep on attacking! In both cases, being in Devil Trigger helps dish out extra damage.

When the extinguished Berial snaps out of his disorientation and starts to rile up, get far away from him, because he's about to re-ignite his flaming aura. This is a Huge Explosion with decent range and it HURTS real bad. When Berial is at about one third of his life, he will announce a change of pace by spontaneously blasting everything with Huge Explosion even when he's still on fire. From then on, he will become a little more aggressive and start doing Lava Burst.

Sword Slash:
This is your average half-hearted swing of the sword.
Downward Slash:
Berial will crouch with his sword at his side, then leap and slash forward. Deceptively hard to dodge.
Roundhouse Slash:
Berial will wind up and do a 360 degree twirl jump with outstretched sword. Deceptively easy to dodge.
At very close range, and especially if you're under/in front of him, Berial will stomp down with his front legs.
If you hit him one too many times, the poor dear will get scared and block you with his gynormous sword.
This block is often followed by a quick close range swipe with Berial's free hand, although he can do this any time.
Berial stands still for a second and bursts into even more flame than usual, then lunges at you across the arena.
Lava Burst:
Berial punches his fist into the ground, sending geysers of lava bursting out of the ground after you. These come in groups of four, one after the other, and Berial will often swing his sword around while you run away.
Huge Explosion:
When Berial re-ignites his flames, you don't want to be caught in his blinding explosion.

Every time one of Berial's epic sword slashes levels a building, it releases green orbs. I thought they were bombs at first, but no, they truly are green orbs. Keep that in mind if NERO gets low on health! When DANTE gets to fight Berial in mission 16, the houses are long gone, But that's ok, Dante can handle himself without them.

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