(Missions 7 & 13)

Echidna is the proud mother of the demonic denizens that
have taken over Mitis Forest. She likes to soar the skies
mimicking a dragon, but her true form is an overgrown
flower with a humanoid pistil.

She has four distinct manifestations, and
each requires a different approach.
Transformation from one form to another
is preceded by vigorous twisting of her body.

HUMANOID: Echidna unfolds her
petals and entices you to come closer.
Accept her invitation and open up a can
o'aerial combos in her face!

At the same time, watch out for these two attacks...
Tail Swipe: Echidna rears up and swipes the ground with her massive tail.
Hair Swipe: This one is faster than the Tail Swipe and harder to dodge if you're in mid-combo. Echidna waves her head and spins her leathery head extensions twice at you.

DRAGON: Echidna coils her tail and folds up her her petal into a snake-like head. She will fly all around the forest arena and charge at you from the sky.
Charge: This can can be tricky to avoid because of the crappy camera angles. Lock onto her to help you know where she is, and roll out of the way as she zooms by.
Seeds: She will sometimes rain down seed projectiles as she passes, so jump to dodge them.

UNDERBELLY: Echidna plants tall roots in the ground and starts spewing out Chimera Seeds. This is when she's the most vulnerable, and is the safest time to attack her. If you're DANTE, Devil Trigger and spam aerial combos at her exposed purple underbelly. Switch to Swordmaster, jump, and press Style button. If you're NERO, use Devil Bringer to Snatch yourself up to her underbelly, Devil Trigger, and tap Buster to pummel away.
Chimera Seeds: Annoying little buggers. Concentrate on Echidna while she's in this form and deal with them later.

PLANTED: Echidna unfolds her petals and plants her roots deep in the ground. She will fly up in a straight line and corkscrew down to plant herself, so don't stand under her or you'll take damage. Once she's rooted, Stinger/Streak into her and slash her torso with combos (Devil Trigger if you can spare it). She'll Hair Swipe at you sometimes, but this is still the safest place to be, because she will be sticking her roots out of the ground everywhere else. NERO can sometimes pull off a Buster here for a special attack. When she draws in her roots and starts to rise up from the ground, jump away from her or she will damage you as she uproots.
Roots: Echidna glows with a purple sphere every time she's about to call her roots. They will spike up, slap at the ground, or twirl around in their attempts to hit you, and tend to aim for wherever you were when she was glowing purple (including on top of her).

If you damage her enough, she will hold her head and sway as if dizzy. If you're NERO, Snatch yourself over to her and pump Buster to execute a special move. If you're DANTE, just keep attacking. When Echidna gets to about one third of her lifebar, she becomes more aggressive and starts glowing yellow. She'll still rotate through her four phases, but every attack and movement she does will now be combined with Seeds: Tail Swipe + Seeds, Hair Swipe + Seeds, Root + Seeds,  Charge + Seeds, etc. If you're low on health, run around the perimeter of the arena and look for some buds. One of them should have a small green orb.

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